Smita & Subhashish

It is an impeccable cutting edge romantic tale for this youthful, dynamic couple. Smita, the lady of the hour is a designer. A stunning one at that. What's more, Subhashish is an IT proficient. As separated as they are professionally, by and by they are one of the best couples I have referred to amid my voyage as a wedding photographer. They are situated in Noida. As a wedding photographer, I have genuine bond with this photoshoot in light of the fact that it denoted my excursion as one. The experience is obviously near my heart and will dependably be. Smita and Subhashish were an extremely quiet, made and one out of the most understanding couple I have run over. We, at Sushil Kumar Photography will consistently be appreciative to them and our great wishes stays with this splendid couple for their happy and pleasant life.

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