“Paving my Path”

Photography, for me, is not a profession rather it's more of an outlet for my creative expression. Photography is a speciality of perception. It is about finding the uncommon in the customary environment. I have discovered it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them. It is invigorating, momentous and positively ecstatic.

My path towards photography had been paved since a long time but the journey officially started in 2009. And almost a decade later, it feels such a blessing to have had been associated with so many wonderful people along the way. As a wedding photographer, I experience individuals and get the opportunity to portray their wonderful journey and this makes me adore my work considerably more.


Why Wedding photography you'd inquire?

How beautiful is to see two people come together and start their new journey and I get to be a part of the joyous occasion and be a part of the grand celebration.

Seriously though, in what another event will I get to see such candidness, truest of emotions, all natural, full of love, excitement and so much more? The vibrancy of color, the depth of emotions, the captivating smile, the hearty laughter; it is like a dream for photographers like me who is enchanted in bringing out a story from every single picture and present a gift that is as everlasting as the bond that the couple would share.

Well, that’s why!!!


One step at a time: My journey

Subsequent to having finished my MFA, I worked with an organization to set aside enough for myself to purchase a camera. After which I worked for an IT company and I feel thankful for each one of those minutes as it as opposed to declining my passion expanded it many overlaps. And today, it’s an honor to be a visiting faculty at IIT Kanpur and share my story and impart whatever knowledge I have to them. “By no means let your craving perish, even the highest insurmountable peaks can turn into small gravels with your passion”. Keep it alive! Capture the flashes, with or without a camera




Pre wedding
child portfolio


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The only thing that you might not like about your wedding day is that it is, well, just a single day. Luckily, the right wedding photographer can beautifully safeguard the whole occasion's happenings, the feelings, and the fun—for eternity. In all actuality, the...
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