Neha & Manoj

When they say opposite attracts, they might have been actually true. If I had any doubt with this statement, it just vanished away when I met this adorable duo. Neha, on one hand was the chirpy, happy and an extrovert girl who was very fun loving obviously and on the other hand Manoj was a very simple, boy-next door kind of guy who was laid back and very calm. It was like they had found the missing puzzle in their lives. So, without any doubt capturing them with my lenses during their wedding was an undeniably one of the best and the most fun experience I have ever had. Their wedding was a reflection of them with fun, calmness, thrill, excitement and a lot of smiles and happiness all squeezed into one. And add to that all the happy family and friends, it was an ideal wedding and of course wonderful photos shoot.

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